WeDoSolar 4 Extra Panels

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  •  Optimal Size for Every Balcony: Our 90cm x 54cm panels are carefully designed to fit on any balcony, even over corners or on half concrete, half railing balconies. They are also the lightest panels on the market with a weight of only 1.29KG.
  • High-Performance Technology: We use monocrystalline silicon, which offers higher efficiency than traditional polycrystalline silicon. Our shingled cell architecture, consisting of 99 cells per panel, maximizes the usable area (97%), protects cells from breakage, and provides better performance in partial shading.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Efficient: Our panels, with their completely black surface, offer an elegant, modern look that blends harmoniously into any environment.

  • Innovative Connection Cables: Our specially developed connection cables with bypass protection ensure that the performance of a single shaded panel does not affect the entire string - a crucial advantage over conventional flexible panel systems.

  • Easy and Secure Installation: The panels are equipped with Velcro strips in various sizes and can be securely mounted without additional tools. This installation solution has been statically tested and is safe in most German regions up to a height of 42 meters.

  • IMPORTANT: This product just includes panels and installation cables, a microinverter is not included. If you want to attach more than 8 panels you will need an MC4 Y Split Cable. Contact support for more information.
    Contents of delivery

    - 4 WeDoSolar Panels (each 80W, 90cm x 54cm, 1.29KG)
    - Total peak wattage 320W
    - 1 WeDoSolar Connection Cables (each connecting 4 panels)
    - 48 Velcro Straps for easy installation

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