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Save up to 25% on your electricity bills

A smart solar set for your balcony socket

How it works

Power all your home appliances with solar power instantly without any hassle

Start with a Balcony

Power all your home appliances with solar power instantly without hassle

Plug it in

Simply plug the solar set into your power socket on the balcony

Power all your home appliances

Anytime is’s sunny, your household devices will consume solar power first

Monitor your energy savings

Monitor your energy production and savings in real-time with our companion app

Where else to install WDS

Install solar easily on your apartment balcony, private house or your garden fence

Apartment balcony

Our balcony sets can be safely installed on any balcony, regardless of its height

House wall

Whether you live in a flat or house, our panels are a fit for you. You can easily mount them to your wall

Garden fence

Unlock the potential of solar energy by effortlessly installing our panels on your fence. All you need is a socket nearby

Discover the full potential of your solar set with our app

Track live your solar energy production and consumption
Make better use of the energy. Learn how to optimise your consumption to save more
Check the CO2 emission you are saving

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Experience the joy of harnessing solar power from the comfort of your apartment, as shared by our satisfied customers. Discover the possibilities of producing renewable energy, even if you're a renter. Embrace the sun, embrace sustainability.

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I can finally reduce my CO₂ footprint and even lower my electricity bill with WDS balcony set.

Julian W. - Germany

The main reason for choosing the WeDoSolar panels was the low weight and easy handling.

Helmut R. - Germany

Choosing solar energy has been a wise decision, both financially and environmentally. I would definitely recommend WDS.

Maria S. - Portugal

My electricity bill has already dropped in the first month of using it.

Antje G. - Germany

Regional subsidy programs

Subsidise up to €500 of your Balcony Set

In addition to the nationwide elimination of sales tax for plug-in solar systems, many cities and municipalities offer additional programs that can help you purchase a solar system with a subsidy of up to €500.

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Still have questions?

Do you still have doubts? Check the frequently asked questions.
What is solar energy?

The word solar comes from the Latin "solaris". It means "related to the sun". Solar energy is therefore the energy of the sun, which is converted into electricity with the help of solar cells. Solar cells are usually made of silicon, which occurs very frequently on our planet, for example in sand. In this silicon there are tiny particles called electrons. When they are hit by the sun's rays, they move. Since energy is always created by movement, this is how electricity is generated from sunlight. The conversion of light into electricity is also called the "photovoaltaic effect". For this reason, solar systems are also called photovoltaic systems.

Do my solar panels produce electricity when the sun is not shining?

Even when the sun is not shining, your solar system produces electricity. Not only the direct sunlight is used, but also the indirect light.

How long do the modules last?

Our solar modules have high quality and durability. With careful installation and use, the service life is about 25 years.

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