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A benefit for your company culture 
& the planet

Charge your team with purpose by providing easy access to solar energy as a corporate benefit.

Our solution

We provide easy access to solar energy

The world is transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. Companies can be instrumental to make this happen. Extend your corporate sustainability goals by providing solar as a benefit.

WeDoSolar creates flexible rental plans for our corporate partners so their employees can benefit from affordable clean energy, no rooftop or installation hassle required. We offer a lightweight, easy to install, safe and connected solution.

Support the renewable future by helping your employees choose clean energy

Energy costs are on the rise with the new hybrid and remote work. With WeDoSolar you help your employees reduce their home energy costs.

Raise the bar of corporate benefits

Attract, engage, and retain your talent all while making tangible progress towards decarbonisation.

Drive change at every level of your organisation and make climate action part of your company culture.

Create measurable impact towards your corporate sustainability goals

Understand your impact on the environment with live data on the solar energy production and take the first steps towards becoming net-zero.

How it works

Solar as a Corporate Benefit in 3 simple steps

Flexible pricing options

Our rental models start from affordable individual contributions per employee, making solar much more accessible than via private purchasing.

Effortless customer onboarding

You bring the teams of talented eco-activists, we onboard and support them through our simple set-up.

Impact tracking & oversight

We give you real-time visibility of your organisation's clean energy production and help you pave the way towards achieving enterprise net-zero goals.

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