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Now VAT free

Our product

Introducing our smart 8-Panel Solar Set

Produce green energy and reduce your CO₂ footprint, while saving up to 25% in electricity costs annually.
640 Watt
25 years of performance warranty
Live monitoring with companion app


/ month
Financing with


incl. VAT
One-time payment
Special pricing conditions apply
for 🇩🇪 Germany
and 🇳🇱 Netherlands
(0% VAT for all solar products)

Elegant Design & ultralight

Each panel has a sleek black matt colour and weights only 1kg

Easy to self install

No electrician required for full insurance coverage

Plug in and produce

Easy connection via a normal power socket on the balcony

Technical Data

Solar modules
8 Panels
90 cm x 54 cm
Solar panels output
640 Wp
Performance guarantee (>80%)
25 Years
Manufacturer warranty
10 Years
*The set contains all components necessary for operation
Solar modules

Simple and easy installation, done by yourself

Our installation manual will help you get started in no time. Even non-tech savvy users can easily install their solar set without any complications.

How others use it

Get inspired by people who are already generating energy from their own fences and creating a positive impact for our planet.

Customer voices

Our customers share their first time experience with owning solar and being able to produce renewable energy from the comfort of their apartment. Finally it is possible to take advantage of solar even if you are just renting.
I can finally reduce my CO₂ footprint and even lower my electricity bill. A big plus is also that it looks really cool on my balcony - thanks We Do Solar!
Julian W. / Translation of original quote in German
The main reason for choosing the We Do Solar panels was the low weight and easy handling. [...] Despite skepticism, the attachment with the supplied straps and tapes of different lengths was very well possible and has already safely survived the first gusts of wind and heavy rain.
Helmut R. / Translation of original quote in German
What's cool is the size, weight, easy to attach, cable length, the design is unobtrusive, transport box for the panels. The app is also great to be able to track what is produced and when.
Daniel P. / Translation of original quote in German