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What is solar energy?

The word solar comes from the Latin "solaris". It means "related to the sun". Solar energy is therefore the energy of the sun, which is converted into electricity with the help of solar cells. Solar cells are usually made of silicon, which occurs very frequently on our planet, for example in sand. In this silicon there are tiny particles called electrons. When they are hit by the sun's rays, they move. Since energy is always created by movement, this is how electricity is generated from sunlight. The conversion of light into electricity is also called the "photovoaltaic effect". For this reason, solar systems are also called photovoltaic systems.

Do my solar panels produce electricity when the sun is not shining?

Even when the sun is not shining, your solar system produces electricity. Not only the direct sunlight is used, but also the indirect light. Compared to a sunny day, up to 80 percent of the available power of the solar system is still available on cloudy days.

How long do the modules last?

Our solar modules have high quality and durability. With careful installation and use, the service life is about 15 years.

What requirements must my balcony meet in order to use the solar set?

Your balcony only needs to meet two conditions for the use of our solar modules. A suitable balcony railing and a power socket, that's all you need.

Can I use the modules on a smaller balcony?

This is usually not a problem. The solar modules do not need to be fixed in a row. They consist of 8 parts of 90cm x 55cm each. These can be oriented in different ways, for example, two on the front and others around the balcony shape. You can also mount only five or six modules and leave out the rest. Of course, the energy gained will then be less.

How do I install my solar panels?

Installation is super easy: you can attach each panel to the balcony railing in no time with the included mounting straps. Please make sure that all straps are firmly connected to the solar panel. This ensures adequate protection against wind and other weather conditions. The mounting straps are specially made for outdoor use and are of high quality. After the solar panels are mounted on the balcony railing, they can be connected to the micro-inverter. The wiring is very simple. You need to connect the micro-inverter in the middle of eight panels. Four panels are connected to the micro-inverter on one side, and the other four panels on the other side. The next step is to connect the plug to the micro-inverter, and then simply plug it into the power socket on your balcony. Once everything is plugged in, you will immediately start generating electricity during the day. All data can be viewed in our mobile app.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is about 10 working days.

What if my landlord forbids me to install the solar panels on my balcony?

If you need help with your landlord regarding our solar modules, we will gladly support you. If the landlord demands the removal of the modules despite the clear factual and legal situation, you can return them easily without any risk or incurring of any costs.

Is a building permit required for the solar installation?

No, a building permit is not required for private use on your own property. However, as a tenant, the consent of the landlord is generally required, however take into account that our solar modules also serve as a sight protection which no one can forbid to use.

Can the landlord prohibit the installation of my balcony solar system?

In our opinion, the landlord cannot in principle prohibit the installation and operation of the solar system. In a recent case in Stuttgart, the District Court with file number 37 C 2283/20 with article 20a ( state objective of environmental protection pursuant ) that the tenant's interest in operating a balcony solar system generally outweighs the landlord's interest in using the rented property in accordance with the contract. The use of solar systems was objectively beneficial in terms of environmental protection. In the case, the landlord could not prohibit the use. We Do Solar is not currently aware of any other law cases that arrised. In addition, We Do Solar balcony solar panels are characterized by a particularly attractive and high-quality appearance that surpasses the look of conventional balcony privacy screens. This is yet another reason why landlords might not object to the use of We Do Solar balcony solar set.

How does the registration with the energy supplier work?

After installation, you should register your solar system with the energy provider but do not worry, we will take care of that procedure for you.