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Calculate the potential of your solar set

Use the power calculator to determine how much energy you can produce, and compare it with your estimated annual consumption to understand your savings potential. We can only provide an estimate that might differ from your actual results.
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Based on 8-panel set, with total output rating of 640Wp
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The metrics behind the calculator

Every household and its temporal power consumption is individual. We have made simplifications for our calculator and rely on the standard load profile for German households (H0). This is a reference load profile, which may well differ from your real consumption behavior.

Energy production

In order to estimate the amount of energy your solar kit will produce, we’ve taken into account historical data on sun intensity at the city level, provided by the German Weather Service. The calculator also considers the direction your panels are facing, as this determines the efficiency of your installation.

Savings potential

The savings potential is calculated by dividing your estimated production by your estimated household consumption in a given year. This is an approximation, of course.

If you don't have normal standby energy consumers (e.g. fridge, router, TV, etc.) and only get home after the sun has set, this number will be lower. However, most typical households will be able to use most, if not all, of their product energy themselves.

Production and consumption patterns

This chart shows the energy production of a We Do Solar installation, facing South, on a very sunny summer day (yellow line). It also shows the average load profile for the energy consumption curve of a 2-person household over a workday (blue line), based on representative statistical data (BDEW).

Since the yellow line stays almost completely below the blue line, almost all of the produced energy will be consumed by the basic load of a household.

How others use it

Get inspired by people who are already generating energy from their own homes and creating a positive impact for our planet.



Contribution to climate protection

Simply reduce your CO₂ footprint by producing your own green electricity locally.

Easy installation

Installation can be performed without tools and without any technical knowledge.

Low cost

Decide for yourself if you want to buy, finance or rent the solar system.

Less power consumption

You will not only reduce your electricity bill but also save additional money.

Flexible & Risk Free

If you encounter problems with your landlord and we can't help you solve it, you can simply return the product and we will refund the purchase price.

Excellent service

We help you with all questions that may arise during the installation and operation of your solar system.