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A smart solar system for your balcony socket

Save money on your electricity bills and reduce your CO₂ footprint.
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Reduce your electricity bills by up to 25% and save up to 600kg CO₂ per year
Overview of the electricity you generate and the CO₂ you save via an app
Supply your home with green solar power via a normal socket

Savings up to 25% in electricity costs annually

Produce green energy now and reduce your CO₂ footprint

Everything you need in one package


1.299 €

incl. VAT
25 years of performance warranty
Mobile app analytics
Included insurance
Pre-order now
Elegantes Design

Elegant design

Each panel has a sleek black matt color and is 90x55cm in size
Einfach selbst zu installieren

Easy to

No electrician required for full insurance coverage


1kg per panel allow quick DIY assembly
Einstecken und produzieren

Plug in and produce

Easy connection via a normal power socket on the balcony

Technical Data

Solar modules
8 Panels
90 cm x 54 cm
Solar panels output
640 Wp
Performance guarantee (>80%)
25 Years
Manufacturer warranty
10 Years
*The set contains all components necessary for operation
Solar modules

How it works

Power all your home appliances with solar power instantly without any hassle
1. You need a balcony
Since our solar set is very lightweight, it can be installed by yourself with the help of special weatherproof straps
3. Power all your home appliances
As soon as the sun shines your household devices will consume the solar power first
2. Power plug is a must
Simply plug the solar set into your power socket on the balcony
Annual savings

4000 km car ride

Annual savings

1000 m² forest

Track live data via the We Do Solar app

With the We Do Solar app, you can check at any time how much green electricity you have already produced and how much CO₂ you have saved.

Save money and contribute to climate

Save up to 25% on your electricity bills and reduce your CO₂ footprint up to 600kg per year.
Simply order, install, and start generating green power.

Modular We Do Solar set fits all railing balconies

The eight solar panels can be mounted in a row or around the balcony shape. It is super easy to install the system by yourself and it also serves as privacy protection at the same time.



Contribution to climate protection

Simply reduce your CO₂ footprint by producing your own green electricity locally.

Easy installation

Installation can be performed without tools and without any technical knowledge.

Low cost

Decide for yourself if you want to buy or rent the solar system on a monthly basis.

Less power consumption

The monthly cost of the solar system will be covered by lowering your electric bill and you will save additional money.

Flexible & Risk Free

If you or the landlord are not satisfied you can simply return the product and we will refund the purchase price.

Excellent service

We help you with all questions that may arise during the installation and operation of your solar system.

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